About Us

A brief bio of the 6 of us…each one has given a peep into who she/ he is…

Anuj Kacker

My interactions here will be sometimes serious, but mostly for fun. I like to think of myself as a verbal cartoonist. Frequently my blogs and comments are lampoons on the establishment, society, religion or just ‘tongue-in-cheek’ remarks, smart alec quips, punny twists, attempts at quirky humour or mischievous leg-pulls. But if I happen to write something which offends you or your beliefs in any way, please know that it would not have been intentional or with any malice. So, my apologies in advance for any such mishap.

Speaking of mishaps, I once accidentally dropped my wife’s entire cosmetic case into the pot in the bathroom. On our wedding night. Having thus set the expectation bar low, I can say with fair degree of honesty, that I have been happily married thereafter for nearly three decades. I live in Mumbai née Bombay.


If you meet me, I may not speak much, especially if we’re newly acquainted. I’ve always been an introvert like that. But if you ask me to have a conversation with you on a piece of paper, I can go on. I guess that’s why I became a copywriter. I use writing to say things I can’t voice. I use the written word to express my innermost thoughts and feelings. Through this blog you’ll see not just advertising influences in my style of writing, but you’ll also see a whole lot of the real, uninhibited me, that most haven’t.

Krishna Paul

Krishna is an occasional writer and and even more occasional parent.

Shambhavi Bhat

I’m still a little unsure as to why I’ve been asked to be part of this group but I’ve recently started a new job at ‘What About Art?’ —  an artist residency and arts management organisation in Bandra and it made me think, “actually, yeah, what about it? What about art? Where is it? What is it? Who even cares?”
Well, I guess I really care if my parents believed in me enough to fund a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and Art History. And considering I have been lucky enough to be offered actual work in the industry, there are others out there who also care. But not nearly as many as there should be.
Through this blog, I hope to maybe change that with my visual submissions and creations, as well as a few (probably not very well) written pieces.

Along with being a slightly anxious millennial artist constantly feeling the weight of the future (or no future.. thank you baby-boomers), I am also a confused Third Culture Kid trying to make Bombay home, an apathetic Arsenal fan, a dancer and avid people watcher.

I enjoy reading about music, technology, food and philosophy. I’m excited to contribute to these topics via this blog, and hope my writing resonates with you.

Alka Puri

Forever zigzagging between different worlds. Between being sane and being myself. Between practical stuff and idealism. Between the Corporate and the Creative worlds. Between being a parent and being an unfettered child. So many roads. So much to do. And so little time!

Mother. Writer. Singer. Free Spirit. Creative Soul. Loyal friend.